Vote for Aurifil for hand quilting!

Not everyone realises just how nice it is to hand quilt with the Cotton Mako’ range from Aurifil.

Judy’s hand quilting test sampler using Cotton Mako’ Ne 40 & Cotton Mako’ Ne28

In fact, at the Australian Quilt Convention, Sue from  Miss Sampsons Drapery, one of the Aurifil stockists, asked me about hand quilting with Cotton Mako’ Ne 28.  Sue hosted Jinny Beyer at the convention this year  so she had Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 on her stand for hand piecing, using Jinny’s  method, and was inquiring as to its other uses.  My response was:

Hand quilting, Machine quilting, blanket stitch applique, hand embroidery, bobbin lace making, & machine embroidery to just name a few uses fo Cotton Mako’ Ne 28.

Take note that Sue has now added a Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 stand to the the Ne 40 & 50 stands she already had in the store. This means that you can now find 3 of the Cotton Mako’ thread ranges at Miss Sampson’s Drapery, in Swan Hill, Victoria.

But I digress,   back to hand quilting.  For my seminar at the Quilt Convention,  Judy stitched out a sampler of cross hatching using 3 of the Cotton Mako’ thread weights, Ne 40 (fine), Ne 28 (medium thickness) & Ne 12 (thicker, similar to a perle thread).

Judy used these 3 Cotton Mako’ threads for her hand quilting test sampler

We have previously talked about using the Cotton Mako’ Ne 12 for quilting with the larger utility stitch however, for this exercise,  Judy used her normal small, even quilting style for all three thread weights and even the Ne 12 stitched out beautifully.

Judy commented that all 3 threads slip through the quilt sandwich smoothly without any stress on her hands.

Judy's hand quilting sampler using Cotton Mako' Ne 28 & Cotton Mako' 12

Judy’s hand quilting sampler using Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 & Cotton Mako’ 12

Leave a comment to tell us which Aurifil thread weight you have used for hand quilting.