Quick Quilt for a Friend’s BIG ‘O’ Birthday

I have a wonderful neighbour. I noticed she was making very positive comments about my quilts every time she visited. I have lived in my house for more than a decade, but as my neighbour’s BIG ‘O’ birthday drew closer, she began to stop mid-sentence and pick up a quilt from the sofa or move directly in front of one on the wall and say,” This would look fabulous in animal print fabric!”

I finally took the hint just 3 weeks out from her party.

A Touch of Animal Print

My friend LOVES animal prints. She even has a chair covered in a leopard print in her lounge room. I decided to make a jelly roll quilt and used a pattern from Pam and Nicky Lintott’s book JELLY ROLL QUILTS. This book has some lovely, quick quilt ideas and they have a chart at the back of the book suggesting how many strips to cut from each fabric if you are making your own Jelly Roll.

Making my own Jelly Roll

Once I found a suitable fabric that would frame each unit, I began cutting strips of animal print and I am sure I cut enough strips to make several quilts. Matching the strips in a pleasing combination was not easy as I am not really an animal print person….or I didn’t think I was. Once I had several strips matched I was ready to begin sewing. I used 40wt. thread in the bobbin and on the top. I chose black (#2692) for the bobbin and I used a wonderful golden tan (#4173) that I like to call my dark neutral.

almost ready to sew

Off to the sewing machine……