Spots (and Stripes) Before My Eyes

I have cut almost 100 animal print units!
I have a design wall I made from lengths of ‘canvas stretching wood’  assembled as a frame.

I used a staple gun to attach the quilt wadding over the frame just as you would a piece of painter’s canvas.

I am sure there are easier ways of making a design wall (please share your methods) but this worked for me.

I began placing the units on the design wall paying close attention to a particular animal print and trying not to repeat it more than 3 times in any row.

First Attempt at balancing the zoo

This was more difficult than I had imagined. I spent hours swapping and changing units around and I even made several new unit combinations.

Can you spot the difference?

I began to think my eyes were playing tricks on me as I kept focusing on one particular fabric so that was the only fabric I could ‘see’ no matter where I moved the units!
I finally located my reducing glass.

A reducing glass is the ‘peep hole’ placed in doors so you can see  your visitor before you open the door.

They reduce the view so I could concentrate on the overall impactof the quilt top instead of JUST the zebra print.

Pleased at Last

I was finally pleased with the arrangement and sewed each row together and then sewed each column together. I could now decide on an appropriate border.

Jaguar print saved for the border

Once the top was complete I chose a backing fabric and layered the quilt ready for pin basting with safety pins.

Wide backing fabric means NO seams to sew

Basting the quilt with pins is the method I use when I finish a quilt with machine quilting. I place a pin through all 3 layers of the quilt approximately a hand width apart.

Basting with safety pins

I am ready to quilt…..