How to quilt a patchwork top is an interesting question with many answers.

One of my many hats, is a machine quilter who finishes quilts for other people. In this capacity I have just completed quilting this lovely quilt, for Cheryl, which will become a “cuddle rug” for a young child.

Cheryl's quilt with the applique motif.


The initial quilting design dilemma with this quilt was the appliqued moon set in the middle of the quilt.  Normally I would not choose to quilt an edge to edge (pantograph) design over the top of any applique, but this quilt is not going to be an heirloom. It is going to be “loved to death”  and will have to survive frequent washing so it needed a practical, economical quilting plan.

Taking all of this into consideration we decided that the most appropriate quilting style would be a continuous all over design. Cheryl asked for a design that had a cloud effect, to compliment the moon, so I chose a favourite, never fail design, “Popcorn” by Jodi Beamish.

The pantograph design, "Popcorn" by Jodi Beamish, disappears into the applique when quilted with a matching thread colour.


I chose colour 5003, in the Aurifil Cotton Mako’ Ne 40 to stitch the pantograph design because it is a fine thread and the colour closely matched  the colour of the applique fabric.  This meant that the stitching blended into the fabric and the allover design complimented the applique. 

Cotton Mako' Ne 40 colour 5003 is a pretty plum shade that complimented the quilt perfectly.


I thought the combination of thread colour and quilting design  was a good, economical, solution for this quilt that will be a child’s play quilt and Cheryl was thrilled.