Looking Back and Looking Forward

At this time of the year, I start to think about all the quilting projects, large and small I would like to begin – because there is nothing so wonderful as planning a new quilt!!  Then I remember all the ones I have started over the past year – and still not finished!!!  When I begin to tally  up the list up of incomplete quilts, I get a little overwhelmed .  Despite the thought of all those pieces of fabric just waiting for the needle and thread I decided to post  about one I DID complete for my ‘art group’ during the latter part of last year.

Vases & Urns, made as a project for the Waverley Art Quilt Group

Our subject was “Ancient” and this was a broad, and somewhat open ended topic. Some of our group made amazing A3 sized quilts using fabric and paint and metal etc. As I have a connection with Italy, I decided to choose something from that country.

Working with photographs of jars and vases taken at a museum, I made my quilt with Aurifil threads, fabric pens and fabric. I limited myself to four plain colours – a wonderful burnt orange,  a softer tan, a black and a soft cream.  I had great pleasure in heavily quilting the outline shapes to emphasise the black pen drawings and the vase outlines.

I am looking forward to completing some more smaller quilts this year – and reducing the tally of the dreaded ufos.

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