Queenstown NZ Remarkable Symposium 2011

As promised, the newest Round Robin has been completed. This RR began with my own block.

Virginia Rose hand appliquéd with Aurifil...of course!

This Round Robin began with a theme of our own choosing and I chose Virginia as this is the place of my birth in the USA.

Each of the seven participants made at least one 12 inch block using some of the fabric I had provided.

Rhonda L. Crossed Canoes/Evening Star

Each person was a Construction Manager for another member in the group and all the blocks for that member were sent, on completion, to the appropriate manager.

The participants and their blocks:

Cheryl K. Goose Tracks

Kerry P. Farmer's Delight

Dorry E. Dolley Madison Star

Jo B. was the Construction Manager for my blocks and she had the task of creating a quilt top incorporating all the Virginia themed blocks.

Heather M. Hexagons

Dorry E. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause

Jo B. Martha Washington Wreath

Jo B. Quilts of Virginia Cover Block


The result is fabulous!!

Gather some friends; agree on some guidelines and begin making friendships and quilts that will last a lifetime.

PS. The 2013 Round Robin, Holidays Incorporated, has already begun!

4 thoughts on “Queenstown NZ Remarkable Symposium 2011

    • Thank you Marjorie. All the participants are wonderful needle women and we have great respect for each other. All the quilts produced are wonderful. I will see if I can publish some pictures of the other quilts and exhibit the diversity within this talented group.


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