Christmas Cheating

I suppose my blog this month should be titled “Christmas Cheater Panel”  as I am showing some quilting I did on a panel I was given.
As I was in a hurry to complete the panel as well as  make some Christmas gifts for my patchwork friends, I did a minimum amount of quilting on the panel.

I also think that the Christmas decorations are only up for such a short period, it is not ‘worth’ the effort in going overboard with the quilting. The beauty and pattern of the panel is the important thing – enhanced by the quilting.

My panel with some Brillo quilting on it.

I used the Brillo – the Aurifil metallic thread to quilt around the letters of the panel, and on some of the other pictures. The spools of Brillo are made of wood, and in themselves an attractive item.  I used a topstitch or metallic needle and took my time quilting – feed dogs down and free motion.
On the other ‘illustrations’, I used some Ne 28 or Ne 50 Cotton to outline some of the details.

Some more of the quilting on the panel

Soon – too soon to me – I will be putting up the Christmas quilts, wall hangings and decorations – and hurriedly completing gifts for my friends.