Lana flowers make a neat trimming

Last Saturday I was guest speaker at the Sea Breeze Quilter’s  meeting. The day was wet & blustery outside but it was still a great day as we were snug, and busy, inside at the Altona Meadows library.

As usual I rattled on about thread, why cotton thread works so well for patchwork and why Aurifil thread is nice to use and of course I always mention the other textile art threads in the Aurifil range when I give one of my trunk show talks.

Doris crocheted these beautiful medallions with 2 strands of Lana & 1 strand of Brillo

I must have inspired Doris G. to go home that night and start crocheting with the Lana thread, because the next day I received this wonderful photo above.

Doris had purchased a spool of  variegated pink 8005, a solid pink 8442 & spool of Brillo 800 which she worked together with a fine crochet hook.

I had warned her that miniature crochet with Lana was addictive, and she said it was great fun, and that she would be making more when she worked out a project to use the flower motifs.

Seeing these pretty motifs set me thinking and I had to start writing a list of hand crafted Christmas ideas:

  • Make them into snowflakes …just imagine them made up in shades of  silver and white, hanging on the Christmas tree
  • Stack several together to make a brooch
  • Attach fittings to individual motifs to make earings
  • Stitch several to the ends of a scarf to create a designer look

Back in August I posted some photos of the brooch and necklet  that I had made crocheting with Cotton Mako 12 and I think similar designs could be made with Lana.

If you want to make your own Lana motifs you can download a free crochet pattern from the panel on the left.  Lana & Cotton Mako’ 12 are available for purchase from the Always Quilting online store

So what do you think?

Do you have any clever ideas for using miniature crochet motifs?

We would love to hear your ideas for using crochet motifs so please add a comment.