Beautiful embroidery with Cotton Mako’ 12

Zoe Clifton's beautiful embroidery design stitched with Cotton Mako' 12

Zoe Clifton, the owner of  The Blanket Box in Geelong has recently started stocking Aurifil threads so you will find an extensive range of Cotton Mako’ 40 in her store.

However, the latest news is that very soon you will also be able to purchase Cotton Mako’ 12 there as well.

After her recent experiment hand embroidering with Cotton Mako’ 12,  Zoe had this to say:

I have had way too much fun using the Aurifil Mako 12 thread for a sweet 4″ stitchery block. I am totally in love with this thread, it is a dream to use and I am really pleased with the finished look. I highly recommend this thread.”

The design above shows off the thread so beautifully that all I can say is:

“I hope that, as she is playing with the Cotton Mako’ 12,  Zoe is drawing up patterns for the designs.”

Thank you Zoe for sharing your thoughts about playing with Cotton Mako’ 12.