Dressed at Last!!

Some time ago I purchased a cushion pattern designed by Carol Roberts www cherrypiedesigns.com  My intention was to make a pair of cushions for our “naked” family room sofa.

When we went on holiday in January, I decided this would be a suitable hand project to take with me.

The cushions have some applique which I did using the needle- turn method and some English paper piecing. I used Aurifil Ne 50 thread which is lovely and fine and enables neat stitching.

Constructing the cushion top.

I then used Aurifil Ne 12 thread in a contrasting colour to lightly quilt the tops.  This added definition to the design without overwhelming it.

Adding the quilting.

Once the tops were completed, I joined them to the cushion backs by machine.  The pattern suggested using binding to do this, in the same way you bind the front and back of a quilt.  I had not used this method on a cushion before, but was very pleased with the neat appearance this created.

A finished cushion.

Now my sofa is “dressed”……..but my husband wants to know what I intend to do about the naked armchairs!!

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