I have been having more fun with Aurifil LANA – the user friendly, wool blend thread on a spool. This blog shows how I used Lana as the thread of choice to embroider on linen.   In my stash of ‘vintage’ embroideries and doilies I had a set of three printed with Australian Callistemon designs.

The pre-printed design on linen

The linen came with an old photo to illustrate the colours and some brief stitching instructions.

I then had to work out from the Lana thread chart, and some photos of Callistemons from the computer  what colours I would work my embroidery in.  At this time of the year, the flowers aren’t showing on the trees in my garden.

Some of the colours I used for the embroidery

I used several different Lana colours for the Callistemon flowers, seed pods and the leaves. Even though Aurifil has a huge range of colours to choose from, I greedily wished I could add a few more to the range!! – specifically  a  few more ‘Australian’ colours!!

Usually I prefer not to work with varigated threads, but I found the wool ones were superb – especially when used with the non- varigated ones.   The slight variation was enough to give a subtle change in the embroidery and I will certainly use them again in embroideries.

The colours I used for the seed pods

I hope that embroiderers do try using the Lana threads for linen embroidery – it is so easy to stitch straight from the spool.

2 thoughts on “AustraliLANA

  1. I always appreciate some positive feedback – so thank you Judy for your comments. If there had been a variegated red in a suitable “Bottlebrush” colour, I probably would have used it for the flowers as the other two were so good. I now want to buy all of the variegated Lana as they are so useful.


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