It’s far too early!

to be thinking about Christmas, but when I finally found some more felted wools to start a table runner and use a new pattern, I had to think about a special festive occasion coming up in December.

My friend went to the BIG quilt show in Houston last year, and on her return bought me a present of a Wooly Lady pattern and some felted wools.

Wooly Lady pattern and my collection of Aurifil Lana

I was thrilled with this gift, and was determined to make it by Christmas of this year.  As wool by the metre (or yard) is very expensive, and quite difficult to locate in Australia, I decided to put the wool onto a fabric (cotton) background.

In sewing the felted wool on, I used the lovely LANA thread , using a buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine and put a stabliser on the back of the cotton fabric.

Layering up the poinsettia flower

After a few initial ‘teething’ problems – not having the correct machine needle (a topstitch or an embroidery or a universal needle seems to work best in a 90 or 100 size) , and altering the tension too, I found I could carefully sew around the shapes.  It certainly is much quicker to sew using the machine, and I am hoping the project will be completed soon.  By the way, I used a matching Cotton Mako 40  or 50 thread on the bobbin of the machine  to suit the top thread colour.

Placing the new pieces on ready for sewing

I have to spend a few more hours layering each poinsettia then adding the additional flowers, and berries.  Hopefully before too long, I can blog a completed table runner!!

Some of the threads I used – perfectly blending in with the felted wool.