Tuesday Treats: Modern Quilt Guilds in Australia

I thought I would kick off the new regular feature at Always Playing with Aurifil Thread“Tuesday Treats”,  with a list of Modern Quilt Guilds around Australia.

I loved the use of graphic prints in this quilt which I quilted  for Sandy several years ago.

I am sure that, like me, you have been intrigued by the growth of the Modern Quilting Movement.

Initially I could not see the point in “re-inventing the wheel” and giving it a new name. I thought that there were already plenty of resources out there for people to learn patchwork & quilting and to meet like-minded fabric addicts BUT,  as I began reading the blogs, and looking at the books, I started to appreciate the differences.

Another quilt that I have quilted that caught my eye for the use of colour

I’ve always loved colour, always found it difficult to make an exact copy of someone else’s pattern and much prefer simplicity to fussiness ….. I think modern quilting might suit me.

Now I can see that I need to start collecting more modern quilting designs such as this one by Lisa Calle which I found at: Digitech patterns

Maybe I should look for more designs like this one from Lisa Calle

If you want to know more about the Modern Quilt Guilds in Australia simply follow the links:

Central East Coast


North Brisbane






Don’t forget to come back each week to see what new treat has been added to Tuesday Treats

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Treats: Modern Quilt Guilds in Australia

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