Great Plans of Mice & Men

Are you keeping up to date with the Aurifil embroidery Block of the Month?

My Aurifil embroidery “block of the month” so far … some catching up required

I was zooming along, finishing each block before the end of the month until …. July.

I don’t know what happened to make me slip behind except that it was a busy month both at work and at home so, as you can see in the photo above, Sarah Fielke’s  “Summer Colours” block is still only partly stitched.

Then of course I couldn’t take a project with a white background fabric on our desert camping trip in August … all that red dust would not have been good for my embroidery … it was bad enough on my “going bush” clothes.

So not only did I not get the July block finished in July, I didn’t even start this pretty August block designed by Bari J.

Bari J designed this “Seed Packet Lily” embroidery for the Aurifil embroidery block of the month

Fortunately, this block uses Cotton Mako’ 12 thread colours that have already been used in some of the previous blocks, so all I have to do is trace the design and I will be ready to stitch.

This full thread set is only required if you have not collected the threads for the earlier blocks as they have all been used at least once before in the project.

But to add to the back log it is now September (how did that happen, where did the time go?) and Amy Ellis’s block was released this week.

Even though it feels a little odd to be stitching autumn leaves in spring, in Australia, I do love the colour and simplicity of this design.

Although Amy has used three thread colours in her embroidery, only two are new to the project.

If you are collecting the threads from our online store you will note that we have both full thread, & incremental thread, sets available for sale so that you only need to purchase the threads that you have not already collected.

The 3 autumn colours used to embroidery the leaves in Amy Ellis’s block

You may have noticed that I have not been adding the sashes to my blocks.

I am saving this to do when all the embroideries are finished because I am actually working my embroideries on a wool background (with Lana thread).

I’ve been collecting felted wools and flannels to use for the setting of the blocks, and I am still looking for some suitable blues & greens to add to the fabrics I’ve collected so far.

If you want to get stitching up your own set of Embroidery blocks, follow the links to collect the patterns, read the interviews and purchase the threads:

  • Down load the FREE patterns and read Pat Sloan’s interviews with the Bari J and Amy Ellis
  • If you haven’t been collecting these free patterns, month by month, you will find a quick review of all the patterns on our wholesale website
  • Go to the Always Quilting online store to purchase your Cotton Mako’ 12 threads to stitch the designs

Happy stitching!!