And the Aurifil winners are …

Sixty Seven people entered the lucky draw to win a pack of Aurifil threads last week.

Part of one of the prizes

As well as telling us the code number, or name, of their favourite colours many left great comments on the “Aurifil Winter Solstice” post.  I’ve picked out a small selection of comments here.:

Love the way Cotton mako runs sooo smoothly for free motion quilting

I love the colour and feel of the Mako range

I am applique crazy and Aurifil 50 cotton thread is my favorite thread. It slides through fabric like silk thread. When teaching applique, I suggestion using Aurifil thread as it is the easiest to use when appliquéing

Haven’t stopped using the Aurfil threads since being introduced to them last year.

Since I tried the Aurifil Cotton Mako 50, other brands of cotton seem so inferior.  It slips so easily through the machine, it is a joy to use for free-motion quilting

I love the Mako 50 wt.  And it’s awfully hard narrowing it down to four!

Sew many colours but these go with my stash nicely,

I only use Aurifil, it is the best thread!

So thank you to the people who took the time to find the colour code numbers, or  names, of their favourite Aurifil thread colours.

Sadly it was not possible to have 67 winners so our congratulations go to the four people who did win the lucky draw:

No:  15  Jeannie  (New Zealand)
 No: 48  Jeneta   (WA)
No: 13  Patricia  (NSW)
 No: 36  Noela   (Qld)

Entries came from all over Australia & New Zealand, and even some from the Northern Hemisphere, so the New Zealand members of staff at Always Quilting were very pleased to see one of their fellow country women amongst the winners.

Prizes were posted earlier this week and one winner has already emailed to confirm the arrival of her prize:

I would like to thank you for my threads they just arrived  love the colours and thank you also for the pen. Pat

I thought you might be interested to see which colours were favourites at the moment so I collated the numbers, in a less than scientific manner, and added the results as page for you to view. Click the link below to open the page.

Solstice results

The other pleasing thing was that, although it was not a requirement of the competition, some people nominated a preferred thread range.

Cotton Mako’ 50 was popular with many people while a some people specified using Cotton Mako’ 40 & 12 for their projects.  Several other people used Lana and Aurilux colour numbers for their choice and commented on how they were using them in current project.

Tuesday Treats: More from the Sydney Quilt Show

I did promise to tell you more about the Sydney Quilt Show so here we go ….

Chris Jurd has given me permission to add some photos of her quilt here.

Chris Jurd's quilt design called "Hatchet"

Chris Jurd’s quilt design called “Hatchet”

Chris is a wonderful quilt maker.  She teaches in many of the shops around New South Wales and I noticed quite a few other quilts hanging in the exhibition that had Chris’s class, or name, listed as the makers inspiration. It is well worth a visit to Chris’s blog to see more of her work.

A close up view of one of the blocks in Chris's quilt

A close up view of one of the blocks in Chris’s quilt

She is very fond of using Cotton Mako’ 50 for her piecing and quilting, and this fine thread is ideal for the small piecing, and sharp points, that she has created in this quilt.

The labels added to quilts at exhibitions are always interesting

The labels added to quilts at exhibitions are always interesting

I always like to take a photo of the quilt entry label, as it not only works a reminder for me as to the name of the maker of the quilt but, as can be seen here, it usually contains an interesting “story” about the quilt.

Here is the link to NSW Guild website just in case you haven’t already seen all the winning quilts

PS:  Don’t forget to come back on Friday to find out the results of Our Winter Solstice Competition. The winners have been notified, and their prizes are already in the mail but, before I post the results, I want to collate some stats on colour preferences from all the comments.

Aurifil Winter Solstice Give Away

I’ve had an idea to brighten up the shortest day of the year.

The Aurifil prize

One of the Aurifil prizes

As the days get shorter I find it very difficult to get an early start on the day.  I really don’t enjoy getting up in the dark and I need an incentive, something bright and cheerful, to encourage me to get to work on time.

So I thought that I would run a quick competition to
give away four Aurifil thread packs
on Monday morning.

To enter the competition all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us the colour code number and/or name of FOUR of your favourite Aurifil colours.

They can be Cotton Mako’, Lana, Brillo or Aurilux colours.

If you need help making a decision, pop over to our website where you can check out the full colour range for each thread type.

To enter the Competition:

  1. You must use a valid email address when making your comment.
  2. Prizes will only be sent to addresses in Australia & New Zealand.
  3. The competition  will close at midnight Sunday 23rd June, Australian Eastern Standard time
  4. Prizes will be awarded by lucky number draw
  5. the Judge’s decision is final

So Easy!

Join in the fun!

Leave a comment telling us your 4 favourite Aurifil colours for a chance to win one of the threads packs!

Thank you

The competition is now closed

Tuesday Treats: Sydney Quilt Show

One of the Australian Quilt Markets, the wholesale events for patchwork & textile retailers, is held in Sydney in June and I have always set up an Aurifil exhibit at this event.

A bouquet of Aurifil at our Quilt Market stand

A bouquet of Aurifil at our Quilt Market stand

This year there was an added bonus for us, as the wholesale Quilt Market was held on the last two days of the retail Quilt & Craft show.

The aurifil display at the Australian wholesale Quilt Market held in Sydney

The Aurifil display at the Australian wholesale Quilt Market held in Sydney

Usually the two events are at least a week apart, so it is not possible for me to stay to see the Sydney Quilt Show but this year ….. yipee … the dates coincided.

They were held at venues about two kilometres away from each other but, on Friday, I had four hours free before I had to set up my stand for the wholesale show at Circular Quay so I spent that time looking at the quilt show at Darling Harbour.

One of the many quilts that caught my eye was a “Seven Sisters” quilt designed by Catherine Butterworth.

Catherine's amazing "Seven Sisters" quilt

Catherine’s amazing “Seven Sisters” quilt

Catherine loves beautiful fussy cut piecing and her “Seven Sisters” quilt was stunning.

Love the fussy Cut piecing in Catherine's quilt

Love the fussy Cut piecing in Catherine’s quilt

In her own words, Catherine likes to get just the “right look” to finish her quilts.

The label for Catherine's quilt

The label for Catherine’s quilt

The sashing was the perfect trim for the fussy cut blocks, and of course the tiny detailed quilting was all stitched with Aurifil Cotton Mako’ 50.

Note the fussy cut circle feature in the sashing

Note the fussy cut circle feature in the sashing

I was thrilled to catch up with Catherine during the day so that I could ask her permission to show photos of her quilt here.

Ctherine was working on the demonstration table at the Quilt show

Catherine was working on the demonstration table at the Quilt show

I recognised several other quiltmaker names as being Aurifil users but, under the Exhibition guide lines, I need their permission before I can show you photos, so watch this space.

After spending the morning at the quilt show I had a quick whip around the market hall to catch up with some of the designers, and managed a brief chat with Carol from Cherry Pie Designs & Marg from Marg Low Designs.

Carol from Cherry Pie Designs was featuring her beautiful applique quilts

Carol from Cherry Pie Designs was featuring her beautiful applique quilts

and Marg Low was promoting her new book.

Marg Low Designs on display at the Quilt & Craft show.

Marg Low Designs on display at the Quilt & Craft show.

It has been a satisfying trip to Sydney this year, with the bonus of a quilt exhibition to feed my textile obsession and inspire me to start a new project.

Charity Quilts

Most of us who are quilters have been involved in creating quilts for charity.  We do this for many reasons, but primarily our gift quilts show that we care about the people who receive them, and they offer a very tangible way of receiving comfort and warmth.

As a member of Lutheran Women of Australia, I recently attended its convention in Adelaide.  In the year prior to convention, our president issued a request for quilts to be made and presented at convention.  Quilts could be sewn, knitted or crocheted. Organisers hoped for around 400 quilts to be distributed around the country wherever need is found. Many will go to African migrants, most of whom are refugees who have been through appalling experiences before coming to Australia.

I decided to hand sew my quilt, slow I know, but it had the advantage of being portable and would use scraps of fabric in the stash.  My thread of choice was Aurifil Cotton Mako (of course!!), this time in 40 weight. I made quilt-as-you-go hexagons and figured that if I made just a few every month I would have enough when the time came to take my quilt to Adelaide.  In all I made 67 hexagons.

Making individual hexagons.

Making individual hexagons.

Camera file May 2013 287

The completed hexagon quilt.

I invited my mum to help me make a second quilt, this time a knitted one since Mum does not sew, but she is a great knitter and between us we have lots of scrap wool.

This time we required 64 squares, making roughly half each.  I sewed them together and crocheted a border around the edge.

The knitted squares made into a quilt.

The knitted squares made into a quilt.

When we arrived at convention, the venue was decorated with many quilts hung around the walls.  A number of trestle tables and clothes airers held many more. Many styles and levels of difficulty and ability were represented, but all were colourful and the generosity of the makers really shone out.

Lots of quilts.

Lots of quilts.

Before very long it became apparent that there was insufficient space to display all the quilts and so organisers simply had to pile the quilts wherever they could.  Soon not only were more tables brought in, but all the space under the tables was used too!!  A preliminary count at morning tea on the first day indicated more than 1200 quilts and still they kept coming!

Many quilts did not go to Adelaide but will be distributed in their state of origin and so at the time of convention it was difficult to estimate exactly how many had been donated.

Too many quilts to display.

Too many quilts to display.

But in case you are wondering what the latest count is……. (drum roll). ….over 4000!  What a great effort!

Tuesday Treats: Love Me; Love my Pet

Our pets are a big part of our lives.

They are members of the family. So, it is no surprise that some of us make quilts with a pet theme.

I have special friends that have made an addition to their family with a miniature dachshund, Aspen.

Mini Dachshund-Aspen at 8 Weeks of age

Mini Dachshund-Aspen at 8 Weeks of age

Like many pets, Aspen has a distinctive personality.

He is friendly and inquisitive and a delight to be around.

Aspen poses for his picture

Aspen poses for his picture

When I found this perfect fabric, I decided to make a small quilt to accent a teal coloured chair and a white leather sofa in my friend’s lounge AND let visitors know there is a special member in this household.

Delightful Dachshund Print fabric

Delightful Dachshund Print fabric

Big blocks show off the special pet print and can be pieced together in no time.

Black and White Thread for piecing and Teal for Quilting

Black and White Thread for piecing and Teal for Quilting

My special quilt is almost finished and is as distinctive and unique as Aspen.

Drunkards Path Blocks are quick and easy

Drunkards Path Blocks are quick and easy

If you have a special pet in your life, have a search for pet themed fabric and create something truly unique.

Today is the First Friday in June and that means…..

A Modern Welcome

Month 4

If you have been keeping up with our monthly postings,

you will see how your Modern Welcome blocks are coming together.

This month we extend your skills at making ‘half square triangle’  .

Building HST skills

Building HST skills

The blocks incorporate a larger triangle and you will be sewing along a bias edge.


 Success with this block is easily achieved by gentle handling of the cut edge prior to stitching and again, when pressing the finished block.

Once you have mastered this month’s block, you can play with different sized triangles  to create intricate looking designs.



This Modern Welcome project continues to build on your existing skill set as you create a very pleasing project.

Remember, this grid is only a suggested layout.

After the final pieced block next month, you can place  your blocks in any order you like on the grid.

My Block Placement

My Block Placement

Collect the piecing instructions this month and start stitching.

(You do not need to register or “sign in” to access the patterns using this link. Once the page opens, simply use the “More Options” arrow, to the right of each file, to preview or download that file)