"Doors Open" for Patchwork

In May I was in Toronto, Canada on holiday.  It is a beautiful city and it was good to escape a Melbourne winter for some Ontario spring weather.  While in the city,  I was fortunate to find that the 14th “Doors Open” was on the weekend  I was there. At 160 different locations, private city buildings were open to the public for viewing. It was so well organised with helpful volunteer staff  in each location to give  quality information  about the structures.

Naturally, while walking through some of the buildings, I kept looking out for some designs or ideas I could use in my patchwork.   I was delighted when I saw this tiled floor


Then in another building  I saw this foyer floor

Tiled floor Toronto

From another angle this pattern is more obvious

Tiled floor Toronto 2

And around every corner of every room there was another ‘quilt’ just waiting to be made with fabric!

Close up

And finally – the border for the quilt!!


I am told that on 27 and 28  July, Melbourne has public buildings open for viewing http://www.openhousemelbourne.org/ .  So for those of our blog readers who live in Melbourne or will be visiting this month, it may be worth investigating.