Quick Quilts – Not!!

No quilt is a quick quilt in my opinion. However, some are slightly quicker to complete than others!! I was lucky enough to receive a gift of some Moda pb&j  2 inch squares for a New Year gift from a friend.

Moda pb&j

Naturally I wanted to make something as soon as possible  as it was the start of the new year and I had a gift of new fabric to play with.  At the back of my mind I  thought  shouldn’t even be considering a new quilt as I promised myself this year to finish some projects before starting anything new. Hmmmm.

some of the gorgeous colours in the range

some of the gorgeous colours in the range

The fabric kept calling me to use it – and so I gave in ! (i.e. little willpower when it comes to new fabric).    I wanted a quick quilt, and I thought that I could make a small quilt to fit the little quilt frame I had brought last year.   The frame meant I had to make a quilt 12″ by 14″ which shouldn’t take long and it would  give me the pleasure of creating something with the lovely fabrics.

Another thing I had told myself (another one of those ‘resolutions’ for 2014) was to use some of my stash to work with the new fabrics.


I made some half square triangles and then put them in a chevron pattern.   It was easy to quilt in Aurifil Ne 40 and I am delighted with the finished result.


I hope to make another small quilt for the frame, in another design. Making a  ‘mini’ quilt satisfies my need to create a new item, and do some quick quilting as well. It  took me a couple of days to finish so I still think nothing is quick in patchwork and quilting!