No Gym Workout Required This Week

The staff & I have relocated one tonne of Aurifil threads in the past week.


No exaggeration.

I know people always say that they have a ton of things to do, but in this case we really did move one tonne of threads around the showroom.


We had been waiting for this thread shipment to arrive for 10 weeks so we were very excited.

As an aside story, I was very envious of the contestants on the TV show “The Block”.  When they needed some custom mosaic tiles delivered from Italy in 4 days, not the 4 weeks that the shipment would usually take, the tile manufacturer understood the urgency and expedited the delivery.

Oh to be a contestant on a TV show.

When the Aurifil shipment finally arrived it was “all hands on deck” to get it unpacked.
sleeping-on-the-jobAccording to the shipping documents the shipment weighed  approximately 300kg, and we moved the cartons & boxes of Aurifil around many times!


We worked together to:

  • unload the truck
  • unpack the cartons to count the incoming stock
  • shelve the new stock
  • fill the backlog of orders
  • take parcels to the post office


The store room looked fantastic!


The shelves were full for the first time in weeks and we are half way through filling 80 orders that had been waiting for items in this Aurifil shipment.


There is still more work to do, to get all the backlog orders filled but it was very satisfying to finish work on Friday knowing that, next week,  there will be lots of happy retailers in Australia & New Zealand when their long awaited Aurifil parcels arrived.


Are you quilting for a Hawk or an Eagle?

I’ve lived in Victoria long enough to have become accustom to a public holiday for a horse race but one for a football game was a surprise.


Now I am not a dedicated follower of the AFL so I am making the most of the day to play with thread …. Aurifil of course and in particular Cotton Mako’ 28, our favourite quilting thread weight.


But some at Always Quilting are followers, so here is a test that they set up for the committed AFL spectator.

Are you a Hawk?


Or an Eagle?


So was that a Hawk?


Or an Eagle?


So hope you enjoy the game, and still find some time to quilt.