About Us

Always Thread Wise is managed and written by the staff at Always Thread, the Australian distributor for Aurifil thread.

We have been blogging together since August 2009 under the “Always playing with Aurifil” banner and migrated our blog to “Always Thread Wise” in October 2015. You will still find some of our previous posts in the Archives on this blog.

Each of us at Always Thread loves playing with thread. We all enjoy patchwork & quilting but we each have a favourite style & technique so our views will be interesting, and possibly controversial at times. At work we each wear a different hat and, although we have to be “jacks (jills) of all trades” in a small business, we each have a particular area of responsibility to manage.

 Jenny is owner, & manager
 Heather looks after the thread club program for our shops
 Judy  has the responsibility of maintaining  our customer databases and electronic media.
 Denise and keeps a close eye on the showroom displays & warehouse stock.

If you call into the bricks and mortar store in person, or contact us by telephone, you will most likely find yourself talking to any one of us, as we all work in the showroom filling orders.

Address: 401 Waverley Rd, Malvern East,  (Melbourne) Victoria Australia

Tel:  03 9569 2272

Web:  Aurifil Thread Australia

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