A punchneedle project using Lana thread

I had great fun playing with a punchneedle embroidery and the Lana wool thread.

For my first project I used a patten out of a Homespun magazine, but I found having to trace the pattern quite tedious. 

Then I had a brainwave !  Why not use printed novelty fabrics, where the print shows on the wrong side of the fabric.

Punchneedle embroidery

Using a novelty fabric for punchneedle embroidery

To work punchneedle embroidery you do require a special “punchneedle” gadget and a very firm hoop but the stitching itself  is very simple.

Needle & needle threader for punch needle

Needle & needle threader for punch needle

Punchneedle hoops

Punchneedle hoops have a ridged gripping surface to hold the fabric very firm

The design is worked from the back of the fabric by punching the needle up & down through the fabric to form loops on the front. The loops should be positioned evenly across the design. However, it is a very forgiving technique and you can go back and fill in more stitches where the loops are not sufficiently dense.

It is possible to stop and re-start the embroidery at any point without it affecting the tension. When you are ready to stop simply cut the thread, to remove it from the needle. To re-start, re-thread the needle and continue adding loops to the fabric at any point.

6 thoughts on “A punchneedle project using Lana thread

    • Hi Michelle, Yes, I think that there are unlimited possibilities for using punchneedle techniques. I’ve used both the Lana & the cotton Mako 12 thread for punchneedle. Cotton Mako has a firmer finish with a brighter sheen than the Lana wool so you can choose the thread to give a variety of effects.


    • The first time I worked a punch needle pattern I traced out the design and thought that there had to be an easier way … then I found some delightful “story” fabrics and found my cheater’s cloth method.

      I can not take credit for the hexagon bag. Each of my staff members write a post each month and this one is Denise’s project. The patten is a coomercial pattern from an Australian designer.


      • I am going to keep my eyes open for story fabrics that can be punched. I can also imagine color printing something on weavers cloth. I wrote a blog about printing on regular fabric using freezer paper. If I can locate it, I will send it to you. Patsye


  1. Hi Patsy,
    I would love to have more information about printing your own designs on regular fabric. I am all for finding easy ways to do the preparation for embroidery and punch needle. Also, can you escribe weavers cloth …. how does it differ from regular fabric?


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