Round Robin Blocks for the 21st Century

This year we have been “Taking the Round Robin into the 21st Century” as a challenge at our work.  In February each staff member had to bring a 6 inch starter block in a designated colour from the colour wheel.  This week we took possession of ‘our’ block and now we have to  feature Aurifil threads on it to make it into a mini quilt with quilting and/or embellishments.

Back in February, I had to work with the colour Violet and make a 6 inch block.

Starting block

Then every two months we were  to add borders of different sizes to each relevant quilt block.  Round two of mine was made by Judy using  a red-orange colour to create an asymmetrical border on four sides.

RR Block 2

Then Yellow was choice of colour for Jenny, with an even size border on four sides ( no more than 3 inch wide) added.

Round Robin block 3

Finally, a border on two sides, no more than 3 inches wide was added by Denise in Blue Green

Round Robin Block 4

Here are all the quilts (hung over some of the batting in the shop) showing the results.  It will be fascinating to see what everyone chooses to do with their individual quilts.

Always Quilting Round Robin 2014 no.1

And a closer look of them (Jenny and Judy’s):

Always Quilting Round Robin 2014 Jenny and Judy

and the other two (mine and Denise’s):

Always Quilting Round Robin 2014 Heather and Denise

We have been given some time to finish the quilts as they will be displayed at the Melbourne Wholesale Quilt Market in November – and if we are really keen and finish them before hand, someone may even blog about them earlier!!

Modern "One Star"

Recently I had a request from a family member to make a ‘lone star’ modern quilt.  A request is always appreciated – as I tend to make quilts for me – usually because I like a pattern, or a fabric, or I have attended a workshop or because a friend is also making one.  I think there are quite a few other reasons why I have made quilts over the years and quite a few reasons why I have never completed some quilts too!

This new quilt was to be more of a ‘decor’ quilt – to suit a room – and to be relatively modern in appearance.  By that I mean with minimal quilting (YES!!) and with few colours.   I suggested a visit to the local hardware shop to find some paper paint samples in the appropriate colours would be necessary.  Using them I was able to purchase the fabrics and have a colour palette to work with.  I choose a deep charcoal grey for the background, and this ‘set off’ the aquas, pink and yellow colours well.

I had never sewn a lone star quilt before, but luckily a friend had a Nancy Johnson-Srebro book called “big one-star quilts by magic” in her extensive collection of quilting and patchwork books. The pattern book cleverly uses squares and rectangles to make up the star,  rather than cutting strips into diamonds and then sewing them together.

Nancy Johnson-Srebro

Using Nancy’s instructions I was able to easily follow what to do.  Well – it was kind of easy – except I started sewing at a quilt retreat, and one does have to concentrate when putting colours together in the correct order!!

My block pattern

Once I had all the top pieced, I machine quilted it with Aurifil (of course) in Ne 40 and then hand quilted minimally with Ne 12.

Basting with pins and marking with tape for the quilting

Basting with pins and marking with tape for the quilting


Simple quilting with Ne 12 in pink on the soft aqua fabric

Simple quilting with Ne 12 in pink on the soft aqua fabric

The quilting colours

The quilting colours

I added a row of flying geese top and bottom to add length to the quilt as well as pick up the colours used in the main star.

Flying geese border

I am hoping the recipients  are pleased with the end result – if not, there is a home in my house for the quilt, as I have really come to love it!!

Finished quilt