Cinderella Transformation at the Australasian Quilt Convention

The beautiful Melbourne Exhibition Building underwent a cinderella transformation yesterday as the quilts went up, the exhibitors stands were decorated and the classrooms were prepared for today.

Melbourne_exhibition_buildingSet up day was misting rain all day so I was pleased that I had loaded the Aurifil parcels into the van the day before, ready for an early delivery run into the city.


Even so, by the time I arrived the merchant hall was well on the way to being well dressed.


Orange fluouro vests were the standard dress for people, but the walls were looking much more appealing.


I love the way each exhibitor has stamped their own store personality on their display


Yesterday was a rumble of trolleys, and ripping of boxes, as stock was unpacked and displayed but for the next four days the hall will be a buzz of excited chatter as visitors discover amazing treasures of “must have” items.

I can’t wait to see the transformation.

Make sure you visit the Aurifil retailers to take home some thread treasures for yourself:

Stand 43    Cherry Pie

Stand 45    Elm Grove Patchwork

Stand 21    Fifi’s Fabricology

Stand 181  Millrose Cottage Quilting & Gallery

Stand 44    Miss Sampson’s Drapery

Stand 23    Needles & Pins

Stand 58    Somerset Patchwork & Quilting

Stand 55    The Quilted Crow

Each retailer has chosen the threads that are particular to the fabrics, designs & techniques that they are featuring at the show so you may wish to visit each one to build your collection of Aurifil.

Happy Treasure Hunting!




How to find Aurifil at the Australasian Quilt Convention

It is less than a week until the Australasian Quilt Convention opens so we have been madly packing threads for the various teachers, using Aurifil in their workshops, and the patchwork stores where it will be sold at the Expo.

Each exhibitor will stock the particular Aurifil thread weight that relates to their patchwork style and patterns, so take note of the retailer’s stand number, and the Aurifil product line, so that you will know where to find the thread weight that you wish to purchase.

The latest thread kit from the factory.... a set of 4 piecing colours in Cotton mako' 50

Cotton Mako’ 50 will be found at:

Stand No: 43      Cherry Pie Designs

Stand No: 23      Needles and Pins


Cotton Mako’ 40 will be found at:

Stand No: 45       Elm Grove Patchwork

Stand No: 58       Somerset Patchwork & Quilting

Yummy flower colours for broderie perse

Cotton Mako’ 28 will be found at

Stand No: 21       Fifi’s Fabricology

Stand No: 55      The Quilted Crow

Aurifil Lana wool thread, in two spool sizes

Lana will be found at

Stand No: 181    Millrose Quilting & Gallery

Unfortunately none of the exhibitors will have the Cotton Mako’ 12 for sale this year, however you can always place a special order with us for collection at the Convention.

Cotton Mako' 12 is the thickest thread in the range

Cotton Mako’ 12 is the thickest thread in the range

PS:  Contact us before midday Tuesday 8th if you are wish to pre-order a particular thread weight or colour so that we have time to arrange for a collection point for your order.


Tuesday Treats: AQC Class and Workshop

Have you ever heard the saying, “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”? When the class booklet arrived last year from AQC with all the possible available classes I wanted to take them all. I had a tough time narrowing down my choices…think box of favourite chocolates.

Around the same time, Judy Neimeyer, from Quiltworx, was in town teaching several shop owners her newest quilt design. One of these shops is way too close to my house. You can see how easy it was for me to over indulge.

Yes, that’s right. I signed up for two days at the AQC AND the first installment of the Australian Glacial Star quilt to begin the next day. As the dates inched closer I began to question my judgment. I also had a friend visiting from overseas who was attending AQC as well and our time together usually involves fine food, good wine, and chats into the wee hours of the morning.

The adrenalin kicked in on the morning of AQC and I boarded the train into town toting all my class supplies; full of excitement.

by Susan Brubaker Knapp

by Susan Brubaker Knapp

My class with Susan Brubaker Knapp did not disappoint. I painted on fabric for the first time in my life and it actually looks like the picture.

First try at painting on fabric

First try at painting on fabric

Susan, an Aurifil sponsored designer, was very generous with her time and ideas and brought many samples of her beautiful work to class.

Class Samples by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Class Samples by Susan Brubaker Knapp

All this inspiration  carried me on to a local quilt shop, Palm Beach Quilting, and I began the journey into becoming a paper piecing expert.

Judy Niemeyer's paper piecing techniques

Judy Niemeyer’s paper piecing techniques

Maureen patiently taught us new techniques and introduced me to gadgets I had never seen before.

Maureen's New York Beauty

Maureen’s New York Beauty

The excitement was still driving me on to cut and sew…by the time I started home after 6 hours in class, I knew I had over indulged. I felt weary and a little light headed. I had one too many pieces of chocolate….I had ridden one too many rides at the fair. But I still knew  after a good nights’ sleep I would be back amongst my new projects and fabrics.

I have all year to rest before the next AQC and a full month to complete my homework before a new design is offered from the ‘chocolate box’…..yum….

So  jump into the deep end! Over indulge! You can never have too much when you are creating!

Tuesday Treats: Aurifil back in stock

Have you noticed how our Tuesday Treats seem to be slipping later into the week?

Well I’ve got a good excuse this week.

Boxes & Boxes of Cotton Mako’ 40 waiting to be counted & shelved

Our latest shipment of threads arrived yesterday so I spent the day trying to make space so that we could shelve the new stock.

Then today, it was all hands on deck as we unpacked, counted and put away boxes, & boxes, and even more boxes of thread.

Unpacking day is always a strenuous day,  but it is fun as we stop to check out the new goodies in the shipment.

Just have a look at these thread packs!

The colours in this pack were chosen by Edyta Sitar

The colours in this pack were chosen by Edyta Sitar

We managed to put everything away BUT it is a very tight squeeze on the shelves at the moment

So watch this space for a Space Maker Sale later this month

Of course tomorrow, I will have to start filling the orders and packing stock in preparation for delivering all the beautiful colours to the Aurifil retailers at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne next week.

So no rest for the next few days.

Tuesday Treats: Dear Jane

Do you love working with small blocks with lots of parts?  or

Are you horrified by the thought of 4″ blocks made up of 42 pieces? or

Are you simply fascinated by the thought of making a quilt with 160 or more small blocks but are not going to be tempted?

Either way, the Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition is the place to be this weekend.

The Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition is being held at the Box Hill Town Hall, Whitehorse Road, Box Hill (Melbourne)

The Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition is being held at the Box Hill Town Hall, Whitehorse Road, Box Hill (Melbourne)

The Exhibition will be open from Friday 8 to Sunday 10th, from 10am to 4 pm each day.

There will be at least 58 Dear Jane quilts on display, mostly from the Melbourne area but some have been entered from regional Victoria and from interstate, so the exhibition should be quite varied.

In addition to the Dear Jane quilts, the Australian Quilters Association will  also exhibit 15 to 20 Reproduction  Quilts, made by  members, as the background setting for a collection of antique garments (dresses,night attire,lace etc) and period items.

There will also be a Market Hall, in conjunction with the exhibition, where you will find books, threads and vintage fabrics.

Our Cotton Mako’ 50 is the perfect “go to” thread for making small blocks and miniature piecing,  so we have arranged for Aurifil threads to be represented in the Market Hall.

Look for our pre-packed sets of Cotton Mako

Look for single spools or treat yourself to one of our pre-packed sets of Cotton Mako

We will have a good selection of Cotton Mako’ colours available for purchase from the Needles & Pins stand.

Entry to the exhibition will be $7 per head, and morning and afternoon tea will be available for purchase.

For more information about the exhibition.

Done & Dusted!

Well the Australian Quilt Market is over for 2012.

It is amazing that something that can take 4 hours to set up can be pulled down, & packed up, in an hour.

This morning I walked around with the camera so that I could share some of the pretty displays with you.

The templates for the Sizzix system are very tempting.

If I had a business kitting up patterns with fabric, I would be very tempted by the Sizzix cutting system.

I loved the Australian Colour blenders and solids on the Leutenegger stand

Leutenegger had a pretty display of Australian “self print’ fabric colours that read as solids

I’ve quilted lots of quilts designed by Kookaburra Cottage Designs … they are usually available from quilt shops as “Block of the Month” programs, and are a big favourite with grandmas.

However, this lovely owl design hasn’t yet appeared on my quilting machine.

I loved the owl quilt, a design by Kookaburra Cottage Quilts.

There are always a lot fabric distributors at Quilt Market, and I am always envious that they can set up their displays using big panels of fabric, and a vase of flowers.

Whereas we spend hours stitching up samples to display the Aurifil thread range and unpack, and set up, lots of small items to dress our display.

The “Free Spirit” print range from Valori Wells caught my eye on the XLN stand

The last hour of the last day is usually fairly quiet, all the visitors have finished their shopping and the exhibitors are just waiting to pack up ….  except most of us visit with each other to chat and go shopping.

I enjoy catching up with friends at the Australian Quilt Market

I think I always leave with something that I hadn’t planned to buy when I left home in the morning but I am not going to tell you about my purchases today … you will just have to wait until things start arriving in the shop.

Although they are wholesale businesses, you can read more about their products:

Annie’s Designs

J. Leutenegger Pty Ltd

Kookaburra Cottage Quilts

XLN Fabrics


Glass Half Full – half way through the 2012 Australian Quilt Market

I guess I could have taken some photos of the AQM set up day yesterday, but to be honest we are usually so busy that the camera is the last thing on our mind.

Set up of our stand finally done.

Also, as Ladybirdee said’ “Why would we talk about ourselves in our half undressed state?”

This year we printed chair backs!

I always think that setting up a display stand is a bit like getting dressed to go to a formal function:  the fashion gurus always tell you that “less is best”, they recommend that you look in the mirror before you leave the house and take off one piece of bling.

We always try to have lots of examples of how Aurifil can be used for patchwork, quilting and embroidery, such as judysew4th’s bathing beauties hexagon quilt.

It doesn’t matter how often we set up a stand for a quilt event, we always start out with a plan and it is completely different by the time we have finished the set up.

This time we set up the display, based on our original plan, then went off for a cup of coffee.

We decorated the side wall with Ladybirdee’s glorious quilt

When we came back we were able to re-arrange things with “fresh eyes’.  In fact I think we tweaked & re-arranged several times but somethings, like our side wall above, were perfect the first time they were set up.

This year we started with a summer beachside theme, suggested by judysew4th and confirmed when we received Sheena Norquay’s beautiful Seascape kit Art boxes.

The Seascape kit art sets by Sheena Norquay. One set holds 12 spools x 1300 metres and the other 10 spools x 200 metres of Cotton Mako’ 50

Today, the first day, was very successful. Quilt Market is always a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, and to meet people who we may only know via telephone or email.

I quilted an ocean scene to use as a backdrop.

AQM is held over two days in Melbourne so,  today, half way through the event it truly is a half glass full with more fun still to be enjoyed.