Making Quick Foundations for Paper Piecing

I enjoy the accuracy I achieve with foundation piecing but I don’t like drawing all the copies a pattern can require. I have experimented with several different methods of reproducing the required patterns and I would like to share one of these techniques.

I use baking paper. Using the original pattern as my guide I cut the required number of pieces  for the particular design I am working on and staple the layers together.


Layered paper stapled together


I remove the thread from the machine and change to a larger needle than I would use for piecing.  A leather needle is ideal and I store it in a labeled package to ensure it is only used for paper foundation templates.


Remove thread from machine


Then, using the original pattern on top I sew along the outer lines  and the sewing lines.


Sew through original pattern on stitching lines


I number each pattern piece exactly like the original and I am ready to begin paper piecing. The threadless needle makes perforations in the baking paper.


Numbered foundations ready to use


Paper piece as normal  using these perforations as your sewing lines.

I find the baking paper is easier to remove after stitching than some of the heavier papers.

I am using Ester Aliu’s 12 Days of Christmas Mystery BOM pattern for my example. You can find this pattern at