Hooked on Crochet

Judy is now hooked on miniature crochet!  As soon as she saw the new Lana KitArt Collection from Cecile Franconie she was determined to see how the miniature crochet granny squares would look. (See the previous post for more information about Cecile’s KitArt collection)

Miniature “Granny Squares” crocheted with Lana wool blend thread.

The KitArt collection does not include a pattern but Judy said it didn’t take long to work out the best technique.

She stitched 5 rounds, using two strands of Lana, and started with a slightly larger hook but thought the squares were working up too “floppy”.

As soon as she changed to a smaller hook, a size 10  US/Imperial (I am sorry you will have to work out your own conversion to metric), she was happy with the firmer result.

A sample colour combination for Lana wool blend granny squares

For the first sets of squares she crocheted, she included colour changes and she chose to carry one colour through the entire square, only changing the second colour.

For example, for the square  above, it is crocheted with light yellow throughout the entire square. So the first rounds were made with light yellow & dark yellow, the first colour change was to swap the dark yellow for blue and the second change swapped the blue for pink.

However, there are NO rules for this fun, if slightly crazy, activity. Mix the colours to suit your taste and use the squares to make scarves, brooches, decorative trims or what ever takes your fancy  ……..?

These tweedy granny Squares only use 2 different colours, crocheted together, for each square

Our staff voted that our current favourite colour combinations are the tweedy look above. What do you think?
If miniature crochet takes your fancy rush over to the online store to buy some fine Ne 12 Lana wool blend to make your own granny squares.