Yes, thread size does matter.

Last week I had several interesting conversations about how the size of threads, & pins, can make a significant difference to the easy of stitching, and the accuracy of the finished work, especially when you are working with the small shapes often found in applique & miniature  quilt blocks.

This miniature Square in a Square block makes a neat brooch

 One customer even went as far as to say that she has been so happy with her stitching when using Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 for her applique that she tested it on a hexagon quilt that she is making. She is now planning to unpick her half finished hexagon quilt because it was started using a different brand of thread, and she wants to re-do ALL the stitching with Cotton Mako’ Ne 50.
We then had a long discussion about why she got such neat accurate results, with stitches that disappeared into the fabric, when she stitched with the Cotton Mako’ Ne 50.
Our conclusions were that it is a thinner, more flexible thread than others on the market so it takes up less space in the seam line & melds with the weave of the fabric. When it comes to hand stitching, it is the strong, smooth nature of the thread that allows it to pull through the fabric with ease, putting less stress on the hands and it is equally as good when used for machine piecing.
This fits perfectly with my thoughts about why Cotton Mako’ Ne 50 is the best choice for all forms of miniature piecing, whether it is simple blocks such as log cabin, or square in a square, or the complex blocks in a quilt such as the Dear Jane design.

Miniature blocks such as these "Log Cabin" coasters will stitch up very accurately with Cotton Mako' Ne 50

 Handy Hint:  
This same customer pointed out that the use of very fine pins to mark the seam intersections makes it much easier to get a sharp point on triangles and an accurate interlocking match of pieces in a block.

Aurifil 50wt.Thread is just ‘Fine’ for Foundation Piecing

When school holidays roll around, our house usually becomes a hub of activity with visiting friends and family. This year I have decorated a special guest towel for the powder room.

This is a very quick and easy project that can be modified for any holiday or special occasion. I am using an Easter theme for a quick foundation pieced Easter Basket.

I auditioned different fabrics and trims and choose a coordinating thread colour.

Audition Fabrics for your project

The Aurifil 50wt. thread just sinks into the towelling.

Aurifil 50wt. Thread in the perfect Easter colour

The small but sturdy stitches made the paper removal easy.

Using Aurifil 50wt. thread makes removing foundation paper easy

I know the visitors will get a kick out of my special bunny fabric when drying their hands.

Quick and Easy Guest Towel

Use a design of your choice and make an everyday handtowel special.  Don’t forget to tell us about your projects.